47,16° Nord | Peter Sandbichler


Geographical position +positions of the sun = unique color pattern


The light installation 47,16° north takes the specific geographical position of the city of Innsbruck resuming the exact sequence of the positions of the sun as the conceptual basics of an alternating performance twice a day. The luminous spots are digitally controlled in a way that one group of colours represents the share of night-time and a second one the daytime of the topical calendar date. Each of the various constellations is generated at random by specific software. Thus an oversized kaleidoscope emerges visualizing the course of a year in a poetic way by its retarded rhythm. The seasons of a year are transformed with seismographic precision on the base of the differences between the long summer days and the short days in winter into compositions of images simultaneously as well concrete as rich in a wide range of associations.

15. Oktober 2005

Desginer: Peter Sandbichler
Production partners: LDDE Lichttechnik, Steindl Glas, Technik für Kunstwerke, Walking chair, Wiesflecker Architekten
Scientific partners: Dr. Thomas Mölg, Universität Innsbruck